James & Nat

Fourth of July 2020

Love in the time of coronavirus

22 March 2020
Written by James & Nat

Hi friends,

It’s been an interesting week- we hit send on the email you received last Sunday and by Monday morning it was out of date. In that email we wrote ‘please join us’ - however in this update, the message is ‘we’re so sorry that you can’t join us’.

On Friday the Church of England updated their guidance for weddings saying:

While wedding services may continue, numbers attending the ceremony in church will need to be strictly curtailed to the legal minimum, which is the priest, bride, groom and two witnesses.

This has been really hard news for us to hear. There has been grieving for what we’re losing. We were looking forward to you witnessing us making these promises to one another, before God and before you. Having you there as our family, as our friends, and support was always our hope for that day.

Despite the circumstances, we are still going ahead with the marriage ceremony on the Second of May and starting our married life together. We are sad that it cannot be marked in the way we imagined we could, but we know that it is important for us to make these vows to each other and to begin a new chapter in our lives.

So, we have renamed the Second of May as our marriage day, and will plan a wedding day when you can finally all be there to celebrate with us safely! There are a lot of details that we’re still working out, but we’re confident that our God is sovereign, even in the midst of this storm.

We value your prayers and help immensely and there are still ways we would love for you to get involved in the coming weeks:

  • Please join us in praying for our marriage, and the details that need to be resolved in the coming days.
  • We’re planning to move all our stuff on 25th April, so if anyone is available to help either with a car, van, or otherwise, that would be amazing.
  • There are a few items left on our gift list that would be really helpful (eg: cutlery?!)

Take care, keep washing your hands, and we are so looking forward to seeing you! James & Nat.