James & Nat

Fourth of July 2020

Covid-19 Update

15 March 2020
Written by James & Nat

You’ve probably seen many of these emails; Coronavirus is a thing and people are cancelling events. We’ll keep this update mercifully short.

Here’s the top level:

  • We’re still getting married on the Second of May.
  • You’re still invited.
  • Please come!

We’re expecting 350 people to join us for the ceremony. At the moment, the government isn’t putting bans on gatherings. We'll keep an eye on the recommendations and will update you if things change.

We want to put safety first and will be thinking carefully about what we do if the recommendations change and any other extra-precautionary measures that we might need to put in place.

We’ll completely understand if you are not able to come though, whether because you are self-isolating, are concerned, or because your flights get cancelled. We’ll miss you! But, if you can no longer come, please let us know.

See you on the Second of May and we’ll keep you updated,
James & Nat